I offer psychotherapy in English and Spanish both in California as well as the  rest of the world.  One of my goals is to help you develop the tools to resolve your life challenges/problems . I can help you to find and expand your internal resources, and to create the lasting, positive changes that you are looking for. I provide a supportive, nurturing environment for your safety and comfort. 

  • I specialize in depression, anxiety, stress management, interpersonal relationship issues, trauma, etc. 
  • I love working with adolescents to help them resolve issues, mature, and make the right choices.
  •  For couples, we work to create a safe space, good communication, problem solving skills, to find balance in love and intimacy.
  •  I have ample experience working with spiritual issues to improve your quality of life.

I can help you to regulate your emotions, increase your self esteem, learn assertiveness skills, to resolve social and interpersonal difficulties. and find a balance to think, act, feel and be well.

I use a proactive, integrative, approach applying  various techniques including  Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Energy Psychology, Eye Movement Desinsitization and Reprocessing  (EMDR),  and Brainspotting, 

I am bicultural, and work in English and Spanish. specializing in interpersonal relationships, and ethnic and cultural diversity.

Each session provides a unique opportunity to meet life's challenges and find peace, happiness and harmony. The physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects are included in my holistic approach.

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Please note that I will only be seeing patients virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the time being.



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